The world today is literate way more than ever before, but there is still so much ground to cover. There are areas in the world where people are still struggling to get food for one time of the day, and there are places where the water scarcity is high, but it is very much clear that with the power of education, we can solve way too many issues that the world is dealing with. The observation and celebration of International Literacy Day are about spreading awareness of being literate. It is to remind the pupil about the importance of literacy, taking it as a serious matter of dignity and human rights, and to let out a message that literacy takes us towards a more sustainable society.

UNESCO declared an observance of International Literacy Day on 26 October 1966 at the 14th session of UNESCO’s General Conference, and it has been celebrated on 8 September since then. The first literacy day was celebrated in 1967, and every literacy day has a theme. The International Literacy Day 2022 theme is “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces”.

So, as we gave you a little overview on International Literacy Day, it is now an important question as to what you can do.
The first thing is that we all should start focusing on such kinds of observations, and not just the literacy day. We must know about these. On the next move comes the celebration of literacy day in order to make it more impactful and help it steer on the path it is meant to take. As we all know, sharing your knowledge only grows it further; you should be sharing about the existence of world literacy day with your contacts. You should tell them about the importance of it.

How To Celebrate International Literacy Day?

Donate Books International Literacy Day

Donate Your Books To Educational NPOs

We have learned to reuse books in our school time. Buying the books from the seniors at half rates was something that helped us learn about saving money and sustainable living. You put that learning into practice by donating your old books to the NPOs working for educational purposes. There are so many NPOs that still require a lot of effort from the people’s end, and that can be your best way to celebrate world literacy day.

Start A Library

Start a Library on International Literacy Day

A library is a place where you can keep all the limits outside and create a heaven of education inside. If you have vacant space, you can use it to start a free library. You can ask for the books from your friends and people in your contacts. You can keep a donation box to get some financial help to keep the library running smoothly. Ask your friends to spread the word and let people know about the free library.

Teach The Needy Ones On Weekends

Teach The Needy Ones

Go around the world, and you will find hundreds of part-time free tuition centers where working people teach needy ones free of cost on weekends. And you need no designated space to do that. Be passionate enough, and you can teach the children of labor class people working somewhere near you. You can ask your friends to join you in the noble cause.

Celebrate Your Teachers

Celebrate Your Teachers

Even though we are not talking about teacher’s day celebrations, your teachers are the ones who made you capable enough that you can read about literacy day and its celebration today. So, what can be more heartwarming and a perfect celebration than surprising your teachers and celebrating their teaching with mouth-watering Bakingo cakes?

Awareness of International Literacy Day is way more important than anything else, and you should be trying to help as many as you can to walk the path of literacy. It is way too good if you already knew about the observation of literacy day, and it is equally good if you came to know about it here. Your attitude towards International Literacy Day matters a lot, and you can display it through your Instagram Stories. Whichever way of celebration you choose, you should make sure to share it on your social media handles so that you can create awareness about it.