The secret ingredient that makes a cake, Oh! So pretty is the fondant roses. Rolled with love and crafted with an inductive appeal, the fondant roses turn a dreamy cake into a reality. 

You no longer have to wait for your cake delivery to behold the sight of a cake glamorized with fondant roses because we are going to tell you how to make fondant roses

The best part about how to make flowers out of fondant is that you can make them in any colour and size. 


  1. Roll out a fondant of thickness about 0.5 centimetres (0.2 inches). 
  2. Add food colouring before rolling, if you want coloured roses. 
  3. Cut a teardrop shape from the roll, depending on how big you want your roses. This will be the centre of your rose.
    Make Colored Petals from Fondant
  4. Place a toothpick on the teardrop petal and fold it vertically around the toothpick. Pinch at the bottom. 
  5. Cut two teardrops, bigger than the first one. Wrap them in the same manner around the first petal. 
  6. Repeat. Keep adding petals in the same manner until the rose is in the desired shape.
  7. Slightly, pinch the edges and bend the petals outwards. 
  8. Allow it to dry for at least a day. 

Another way of how to make fondant roses easy


  1. Pinch of a hunk of fondant. 
  2. Roll it into a ball and then make a cone shape. 
  3. Pinch of small bits of the fondant. It should be smaller than the cone you made. 
  4. Roll these into balls. Use pressure when rolling them. 
  5. Flatten the balls using the fingers. Move around the edges and flatten it into a circle. Make around eight or nine petals. 
  6. Wrap these around the cone (bud)–Three in the first line, then five in the second line. 
  7. Roll out the edges of the fondant for a natural look. 
  8. Let it dry for one day. 

Here is the video link as well to make the fondant roses. It will guide you better!