There is no doubt that you spend a lot of time and energy in baking cakes. Be it any type of cake like Chocolate cake for birthday or red velvet cake for Anniversary or any other flavor cake, you have worked hard for a perfect finish. A baking cake can be an art, a passion or a hobby, but more than anything else, the cake is food, and all food items are perishable.

Nothing beats freshly baked cakes and cupcakes, but eating them all in one sitting is definitely not advisable. So, how long does cake stay fresh?

So how do you go about stocking leftovers, or handling the times when you have to buy cake in advance? Here’s how to keep cakes fresh for as long as possible.

Store under a cake cover or large bowl

Cover Cake with Bowl

If the cake has a stuffed cooked frosting, insert a knife handle under one edge of the cake cover so that it is not airtight. Frosting can be completely absorbed by the cake when stored in airtight containers. If you do not have a cake cover, cakes with creamy frosting can also be lightly covered with foil, plastic wrap, or wax paper. To keep the frosting from sticking to the protective cover, pour around the cake and half of the toothpick to cover the sides and center.

For for a longer period, freeze your cake

Wrap Cake with Plastic For Freezing

Cakes kept for more than a week should be stored in the freezer. To do this, use a double layer of plastic wrap to seal your cake properly. Top this off with a silver foil to protect it from potential freezer burn that can damage it. Your cake can now stay inside the freezer for up to 4 months if necessary, although we would strongly suggest you against that long time.

Thaw cakes at room temperature

Thaw Cake

Thaw unfrosted cakes covered and frosted cakes loosely covered for two to three hours at room temperature.

Cut Cake, Frosted or Unfrosted

As soon as you cut any cake, the moisture starts to escape and the cake becomes stale rapidly. To protect the cake from moisture loss, try covering the hard edges with more frosting. Otherwise, you can try this; Press a piece of plastic wrap directly on the sliced ​​side and make sure it sticks. Then proceed to cover and store the cake as an uncut version. The cut cake lasts for a short period of time for about 3-4 days.

If you plan to eat your cake within three days of eating, the best thing to do is to keep it at room temperature. It means on the counter, away from heat and direct sunlight. If your cake is in the bakery box, you can leave it in the box, and if you plan to eat it within 24 hours.

If you are thinking of keeping your cake longer than this, you can leave it in the box and wrap the box with plastic wrap, which will keep the cake from drying for three days.

Bonus information

-If your cake is wide or long, consider the icing and store it in separate layers, then assemble them on the big day.

If there are tinted pieces to the cake then consider icing the cake but leaving it unadorned, adding any delicate decorations on the day of your event.

Factor in filler. Even if the cake itself can sit outside at room temperature, you will need to cool it down if it is necessary to fill.

Now that you know how many days will cake stay fresh, you don’t have to worry about your cake being stale! Just order cake online and enjoy your cake. If you have more questions about preserving your cake, let us know in our social media comment box. Also, feel free to add in your own suggestions that may work favorably for you.