When we wish to impress someone with our culinary skills, we often look upon desserts and desserts, mainly cake. Different kinds of cakes with different decorations look amusing and appealing at the same time. Decorating cakes looks quite fancy and amazing when we go out to online bakeries or in the local bakeries. These fancy cakes somewhere demotivate us as we want to portray the same cake displayed but do not know its tactics. We somehow believe that we won’t be able to garnish the cake so gracefully at home. But it is not the case. There is an abundance of homemade cake decoration ideas that you can look upon. Icing is not just the cake decoration thing you need to consider. Apart from that, there are many such easy homemade cake decorations that will help you to get an incredible outcome. Here, we will help you to get showstopping cakes with readily available and accessible ingredients.

Let’s have a look at some of the homemade cake decorations that you can take into consideration and trust us, they will come out really well.


To make the buttercream you need, butter, icing sugar, drops of milk and flavoured extract and mix it all together. Your buttercream is ready. Now apply it over the cake to make it look presentable. You can make swirls of it or just apply it like regular frosting. Then add some toppings to it as given below and you would experience a presentable cake before you.


Another most common topping that you can use to garnish your cake is the fruits. Fruits are readily homemade cake decorations available. Either finely chop them or if they are small fruits like cherries use them as it is. You can use slices of apple, or complete strawberries dipped in chocolate or slices of other fruits and add them to the top of the cake. Let the toppings settle down and it is ready to serve.

Melted Chocolate

If you can bake a cake, you can easily melt chocolate. With the help of a double boiler, make the chocolate ganache easily. Add dark chocolate and butter or cream to it and stir it till the ganache is ready. Melted chocolate is the most preferred way of decorating homemade cakes, you can use ganache and any of the toppings mentioned below and guess what, you would get a lip-smacking cake on your table.

Edible Flowers

If you are thinking of using flowers from your garden, then please, it might give you an upset stomach. Go for store-bought flowers that are fresh and clean and then from the exotic lavenders to lovely rose petals, you can sprinkle it over the buttercream or chocolate ganache. You can use these homemade cake decorations for any special occasion and you would see how beautiful the outcome is.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is a very easy ingredient available and this can be used so beautifully that you would love to use it when you are out of time. It might be choco lava or bundt cake, you just need a strainer and cocoa powder in that and sprinkle it over the cake. To make your homemade cake look exotic, cocoa powder is the finest ingredient to use. So, you see this is another homemade cake decoration idea to use and the easiest also.


Chocolates come in varieties and shapes. This is one of the most readily available homemade cake decorations items that you can use. Chocolate chips or Kitkat at the sides and gems filling the top – Yummilicious cake for sure. Or you can use chocolate shavings or designer tiny chocolates on different sides. Also, you can use Ferrero Rocher or chocolate wafer rolls to adorn your cake at home.


The most loving toppings for kids are sprinkles. But add flamboyant sprinkles over the buttercream and the kids will shower their love on you. They are so much into sprinkles. These little colourful toppings make your cake look lovely. Also, you can use some shapes and then put sprinkles in it and as you remove that particular shape mould, you will see sprinkles over the decadent cake that looks heavenly. So, sprinkles is another homemade cake decoration to consider.

Desiccated Coconut

If you spread buttercream on the cake and you don’t want to leave it like that then to make the cake look serene and heavenly, you can use desiccated coconuts there. This is one of the most loved homemade cake decoration ideas that even you will love once done. You can also add cherries on the top if available and then serve it.


Dry fruits make one of the most amazing toppings with mouth-watering flavours when we discuss easy homemade cake decorations. You can finely chop pistachio, cashew nuts and almonds and after applying melted chocolate to the cake, you can use the chopped nuts for adorning the cake and then, you would see how it comes out as a showstopper of the evening. You can also use full nuts and adorn half top of the cake with it.

Now impress your beloved people with these homemade cake decoration ideas and serve a lip-smacking cake to them.