There is something about the fresh fruits that makes the oh, so hot summers enjoyable. Maybe it’s the juicy squirt of the kiwis or the watery feels of the cooling watermelon. However, long before you can enjoy the summer bliss with refreshing fruits; you have to fight a fruity battle. A one hour or maybe a prolonged war with a 20-pound watermelon or fleshy peach stone fruit, which can make summers look more tiring than they are.  

If you have made terms with “best fruits are toughest to cut,” then these nifty fruit cutting hacks for desserts and fruit cakes is the inspiration you need.

Let’s awaken the fruit ninja that is lying dormant inside all of us.

  1. Apples: If one asked you your favourite pass-time game, you would scream at your loudest Tic-Tac-Toe. That’s it! You have to apply the rules of this game to your fruit games as well. Place the apple face down on a chopping board, cut down along the imaginary lines (Think, Tic Tac Toe).  The apple would separate perfectly into eight slices, all of same length and width.Apples
  2. Tomatoes: Every time you try to slice tomatoes, either you paint the slab and walls red (from the splash of tomato juice), or you are finding tomatoes under utensils (as if you and the tomato were playing hide and seek). Try this! While cutting any pint-size fruit or vegetable say grapes, round cherry tomatoes: gently but firmly press down the fruit between two plates, then slide the sharp knife in between the plates. This trick will help you cut many pieces of the fruit at one time.Tomatoes
  3. Peaches: Do you wish to treat the summer blues with peachy hues? Here’s the struggle-free solution to get rid of the fuzzy skin without peeling. Slice an “X” at the base of each peach fruit. Boil water in a pot and put the peaches into it for 30 seconds. After about half a minute, you can taste your naked peaches.Peaches
  4. Watermelon: If you have been cutting the watermelon into wedges, with much grief, you have been doing it all wrong. The watermelon cutting hack suggests to cut top and bottom, then cut along the rind to remove it. Slice along the length (vertical) and place the half on the board face down. Now, cut into a grid. This watermelon cutting hack will give you bite-sized chunks of watermelon that are easy to eat and relish.Watermelon
  5. Pomegranate: I love eating pomegranate but hate seeding pomegranates (Koi cheel ke de do). If you also run away with the hassle of removing millions of little succulent seeds, then this hack will be of utmost use to you. First, cut the top and bottom off. Cut the skin carefully. Open the fruit, and dump the seeds into the bowl.Pomegranate6. Mangoes: They are easy to eat but way much more tricky to peel and slice. More often than not much of the flesh remains attached to the skin while most of the juice winds up on the hands. Try peeling the mango using a drinking glass. Slice from top to bottom along the pit. Place the edge against the rim of the glass and push down the side of the glass. Juicy mango fruit inside, peel outside.Mangoes 7. Avocado: Oh, how to ripen and cut the creamy, delicious Avocado is a daily struggle of many. Worry not! We have got for you the quickest avocado ripening hackAvocados ripen due to the ethylene gas they release over time. Bananas and other fruits release ethylene gas. So, why not put them together in a paper bag? You will get not only ripened avocado but sweetened bananas, and other fruits. Once, your avocado is moist, and ripe, it’s time to slice. Cut the avocado around the pit (horizontally) and twist. Remove the pit, hold the flat side up to cut the rind and remove the slices.Avocado8. Pineapples: Use this clever cutting hack for slicing the giant pineapple into pieces. Chop off the top and bottom. Slice down the sides. Turn sideways, and cut the pineapple slices. Use a cookie cutter to scoop out the hole. Serve the pineapple on the skin, which is the de facto serving dish.Pineapple9. Strawberries: It’s no coincidence why the word straw is in strawberry.  Yes, the ingenious method calls to insert the plastic straw into the pointed end and to push until the leaves drop out. Easy and cool. Isn’t it?Strawberries

    10. Oranges: The most common way to eat an orange is to peel it. But, what if you need to cut it? Take an orange, slice the top and bottom. Now, make the cut in the middle, open up, and cut.Oranges

These fruit cutting hacks will undoubtedly make your summers struggle free and fruity filled. Now, not only bake but cut your produce like a pro!