“Happy birthday” isn’t the only message you can write on a cake. You can write simply anything, a sweet message, funny one, trust us, you can get anything on that delicious cake.

The saying written over the cake top acts just like a message inside a greeting card. So, why waste a piece of paper when you can get your message on the cake itself and make everyone in the party part of that giggle. Make your loved ones roar with laughter—or simply make them roll their eyes and smirk, still will be funny for you!

Below mentioned is the list for funny birthday cake messages, have a look –

  1. Birthday cake was invented as a distraction from aging bones and balding heads.
  2. Time heals all wounds, so your wounds must be completely healed now.
  3. Oh Snap! You’re (Age)!
  4. Birthdays are for babies. That’s why we’re celebrating yours.
  5. Run before your age catches up to you!
  6. Just when you think it’s over, you become a butterfly.
  7. Old Fart, Young at Heart
  8. You’re Not Old, You’re Vintage
  9. (Age) Years Old, Still Not Acting (His/Her) Age
  10. Don’t Worry, I Won’t Tell Anyone You’re [Age]
  11. I’m wrapped up and ready.
  12. We called the devil—he doesn’t want you, so it’s best that you live forever.
  13. You’re hot! Too many candles will do that.
  14. Blow Candles & Eat What You Spit!
  15. Cake Ke Paise De na!
  16. You can only cut that!
  17. This cake is to decorate your face.
  18. In joy of your getting older!
  19. We know you like to swallow!
  20. You don’t deserve any funny birthday cake message!
  21. Eat Cake & Offer Us A Big Treat.
  22. Your B’day is a reminder that you are just a waste.
  23. It’s only B’day, don’t be too happy!
  24. Cake Is Real unlike your party promises.
  25. Cut Me Deep, come on!
  26. You are an undeserving DNA.
  27. This cake is better than your face.
  28. Imagine there is a funny birthday cake message!!
  29. Next time, party first and cake later.
  30. Enjoy before your B’day Bombs!

So, this was your list! With funny brithday cake messages, you can uplift the joy of the occasion and make the cake extra special by a thousand folds. If you prefer to choose a longer cake message, then you can get it printed in edible sugar fondant and place it on the cake. It is always better to pick cakes with plain tops if you want a funny birthday cake message written on top. You can write it up on your own or ask the professionals to do the same when ordering birthday cake online.