Long trips are wonderful. You are more carefree and jovial as you are rooting towards your destination. The only point that pins us is about travel food. As you decide to go on long trips, it is not feasible to stop at every other place to have snacks. On some highways, you would not find a single canteen or restaurant where you can pull off. So, it becomes essential to pack travel food before hitting the road and get some dry stuff pack for ourselves as well as if you have kids, then for them too. Mostly we are stuck at which road trip snacks to pack and which not. Today, through this blog, we will help you find those dry road trip snacks that will be beneficial to carry as travel food and will last longer too.

Green Chutney Sandwich
One of the easiest and delicious sandwiches to carry with you while travelling is the green chutney sandwich. It takes no time to cook it. Just some butter, some bread slices, green chutney, and it lasts longer and tastes better than many street foods. Also, if you are going to eat it instantly, you can pack some cucumber, onion, and tomato, then slice it and add it. So, add this travel food to your package.

Banana Chips
Banana chips are the all-time favourite chips of many – Light in weight, good in taste and last long and, yes, convenient to carry also. This road trip snack is preferred by many. Also, you can make some at home or carry their packet from local stores and munch it whenever you want.

Mixed Nuts
When out of options, you should always prefer mixed nuts as travel food. As you are on a road trip, you need some high energy food to keep going. These mixed nuts can have all your favourite dry fruits mixed wholly or chopped finely, and you can munch on them whenever you want.

Roasted Cashews and Almonds
Another fine travel food you can carry with you and everyone will love is roasted almonds and cashews. They both are high energy and roasted ones with black pepper in it tastes yummy. You can easily cook them in the air fryer or deep fry them and then add black pepper and black salt to taste.

Another ideal Indian travel food that you can consider is Chakli. Easy to pack and convenient to take, they do not spoil for long and, while driving, you do have to concentrate so you can have a Chakli, take its bite and enjoy having it. This travel food goes well with a long trip. So, as you hit the road, consider it a road trip snack and enjoy its flavours.

Black Pepper Popcorn
Popcorn is a fantastic travel food that you can take yourself. It gets cooked in no time, and the taste of black pepper makes it more enticing. While driving, you can have a handful of popcorn without any fuss and what more you need. Add popcorn to the list of road trip snacks and enjoy driving.

Kids love candies, and sometimes, they also help us to heal the sore throat. As we go on long trips, we need something to keep in our mouths from time to time. And candies do best when in need; even when we feel pukish, it helps to bring back the taste buds. So, candies are a good choice to pack as travel food.

Instant Noodles
You might have kids or not, but instant noodles as road trip snacks are saviours always. It is recommended to take yourself instant noodles and warm water because as you feel hungry, you can just add warm water, leave it for a minute and you are done. So, as you pack travel food, keep some good instant noodles packets with you.

Cookies or Biscuits
How can you miss packing cookies or biscuits for a road trip? Tea or coffee without biscuits or cookies is not acceptable. So, as you pack travel food, biscuit packets or cookie boxes are a must to pack. Also, when you are on a long trip, you sometimes crave something sweet or salty, and these biscuits help you calm your cravings.

Chole Masala
Though people do not prefer carrying chickpeas with them, this chole masala recipe would blow your mind, and you would definitely love to carry it. In this, you can fry the chickpeas that you kept in water overnight and add some salt, red chilli powder, mint powder, Jeera powder, black pepper, black salt, and this road trip snack is ready.

Bread Dhokla
Another delicious delicacy that is easy to make and convenient to make is bread dhokla. It is made out of bread batter with some rava and green chillies added to it. This instant dish lasts long and is a dry snack to carry with you. Some green chutney would add more taste to it. So, this tasty travel food shouldn’t be missed because everyone would love it.

Thepla and Pickle
Another Indian snack that you can add to your list of travel food is Thepla and pickle. Thepla is a form of chapati made in Gujarat, adding fenugreek (methi) to the dough. They aren’t heavy, but they can help you to keep your hunger in control, and unbelievably, they last long, and a pickle to it adds more taste and flavours. So, Thepla and pickle should be a must to have road trip snacks.

We hope our road trip snacks guide helps you to pack those kinds of travel food that stays fresh till the end of the day. We understand long trips can be tiring and full of hunger, and therefore, these travel foods will keep your tummy full and energy high. Keep Travelling!