Our grandparents are the source of wisdom, values and endless happiness for us. They are the ones who have the ability to vanish all our fears, insecurities and blues away just with their smile. We can count on them to share what we feel like, to take an opinion on some matter and even to convince our parents for something – they would do anything to see us happy, healthy and hearty. So, one can quite guess why they need to be made special on their born days. If you are planning to pamper them with some birthday cakes but are absolutely out of some fantastic cake ideas, then don’t worry! Over this blog, we have got you covered with some birthday cake ideas for grandparents, that you may like to consider. You can make any of this cake at your home on your own or can ask your baker to prepare it on behalf of you. 

  1. Number Cake -As your grandparents grow older and become even wiser with time, make sure to mark their legendary life milestone over a number cake. Get the number cake topped up with some delicious meringues, candies, lots of whipped cream, fruits, chocolates and other such yumminess. You are never too old to have a delicious cake topped up with some yummy toppings, which is why you can absolutely wish them a very happy birthday over a number cake.
    Number Cake         
  2. Fit N Fab Grandpa Cake – Now this one’s especially for all the handsome hulk Grandpas out there! If his birthday is approaching soon and you are hunting for the best birthday cake for grandfather, then this cake will be perfect for him only if he loves to stay in his shape even today. For a cool grandpa who loves to workout as he rides his bicycle equipment, something like this cake is sure to make his birthday super special.
    Fit N Fab Grandpa Cake
  3. Reader Grandpa Cake – If day and night, your grandpa loves to keep himself updated with what’s going on around the world, then you bet to get him a reader cake for his birthday. Something relatable to what he does all day will surely widen up his smile and brighten up his birthday.
    Reader Grandpa Cake
  4. Sleepy Grandpa Cake – If your grandpa is a pro at dozing off anywhere and everywhere then it would make an excellent birthday cake to cheer him up on his birthday. It is sure to make him laugh out loud on his birthday, which will eventually make his birthday super special.
    Sleepy Grandpa Cake
  5. Photo Cake – Bring back those good, old days back into his life as you lay some black and white pictures on top and sides of the cake. Nostalgia in the form of a photo cake could make the best possible birthday gift for him, that he will love to cherish for the rest of his life.
    Photo Cake
  6. Storyteller Grandma Cake – One of our fondest memories with your grandparents has to be the needless number of storytelling sessions. So, recreate those storytelling sessions as you present her with an appealing storyteller grandma cake. Let her secretly know that you miss her fairytale and ghost stories.
    Storyteller Grandma Cake
  7. Knitting Grandma Cake – Remember the first time your grandma knitted a warm, cosy sweater/ sock for you? We bet it was beautiful because every grandmother has been blessed with amazing knitting skills and creativity in abundance. It’s time to convey your warm wishes to her on her birthday over a knitting grandma cake which is sure to leave her blushing.
    Knitting Grandma Cake
  8. Stylish Grandma Cake – She might be an oldie, but she is still a goldie when it comes to her chic fashion sense. Let her know that you are in absolute awe of her dressing style and the way she carries herself beautifully in every attire as you choose to pamper her with a stylish grandma cake on her upcoming birthday. For every modish grandma out there, this one for you all!
    Stylish Grandma Cake
  9. Floral Cake – Flowers seem to please anyone with its charm whether coming in a bouquet or a luscious cake. Get a floral cake to cheer her up on her birthday; it can be a buttercream floral cake or even fondant flower cake.
    Floral Cake
  10. Naked Cake – For every sophisticated grandparent out there, a naked cake with dripping chocolate sauce and some amazing garnish are sure to win their heart, all over again. It will be indeed a mesmerising cake that is sure to remind them of your love and affection.
    Naked Cakes
  11. Trending Birthday Cake – These days, grandmothers are updated about the latest trends. Grandmothers are active on Facebook and Instagram, thus they know what’s the sensation. A pinata birthday cake for grandmais a perfect choice because Pinatas are trending everywhere!!
    Trending Birthday Cakes
  12. Shopaholic Grandma Cake – You certainly know from where you have got your shopping genes. It’s from your grandma. She loves to shop till she drops. So a cake that guarantees an ear to ear smile on her face is a shopaholic designer cake.
    Shopaholic Grandma Cake
  13. Chef Grandpa Cake – Not only your grandma but your grandpa too is blessed with cooking skills. He uses all his spare time to make dishes for the family. This is his way of showering love on you. On his birthday, celebrate the chef soul in him with love over a Chef theme cake.
    Chef Grandpa Cake

For your grandparent’s birthday, which cake design for grandmaand grandpa are you going to pick?