Surely people from different countries have different types of foods and desserts that they like. When people celebrate an event or gather for a fun meeting, they celebrate these moments over delicious cakes and desserts. No matter from which country we are, cakes are an integral part of celebrations, we all adore delectable cakes and that is one of the most delicious parts of being human. We would love to see the different types of cake designs that are famous around the world in different countries. So, we have lined up some of the best and different types of cakes with pictures below that are guaranteed to take you and your taste buds on a heavenly journey.

Bienenstich Cake (Germany)

Bienenstich Cake

No, it is not the German chocolate cake and we hate to break it to you that german chocolate cake is not the product of Germany as it is only named after an American guy Sam German who originated the recipe. But the bienenstich cake is the ultimate german product that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. The cake is yeast raised confection that is loaded up with custard cream and topped with crunchilicious almonds, caramel, and honey.

Fraisier Cake (France)

Fraisier Cake

There’s a reason behind why French cakes and desserts are famous everywhere throughout the world and it isn’t on the grounds that the nation set up provinces all over once upon a time. The amazing methods and relentless quest for flawlessness plus remembering seasonal ingredients in mind have established the reputation in individual’s minds. A bite of this fraisier cake will take your taste buds to a whole new level and is a must try for strawberry lover.

Torta Alla Gianduia (Italy)

Torta Alla Gianduia

If Nutella could turn into a delicious and stunning cake, it would be this. With cooked hazelnuts and a bit of Frangelico, and fruity notes from orange zest and apricot on such rich chocolatey delight; unmistakably, this is one of Italy’s extraordinary blessings to the world. Try this delectable beauty either at home or make sure you have one while visiting Italy.

Gâteau Mille Crêpes (Japan)

Gâteau Mille Crêpes

The classic gâteau mille crêpes is a French dessert but the Japanese bakers took the procedure/recipe and made it their own by fusing a Japanese flavor — the special green tea assortment known as matcha. This cake is fundamentally a pinnacle of crêpes and smooth, light custard cream. The crêpes are made with matcha, and afterward the whole dessert is additionally dusted with matcha before serving. The whipped cream is optional.

Bizcocho Mojadito (Puerto Rico)

Bizcocho Mojadito

This is a chiffon cake with a distinction — it gets soaked in tasty syrup after it’s baked to keep it yummy and moist. You already had a huge amount of flavor and fluffiness from the milk, butter, and whipped egg whites; that syrup just gives it an additional edge over different cakes. Try this delicious cake at home as it can be easily baked and prepared by following some online recipes posted by the Puerto Ricans.

Bienmesabe (Venezuela)


Flaunting a lovely coconutty flavor from both coconut cream and crushed coconut, this cake is layered with meringue and cream that make it rich and lush. You’ll discover many variants of bienmesabe from different nations but if you want to have a delicious coconut filled cake made from scratch, this one will get the job done!

Bint Al Sahn (Yemen)

Bint Al Sahn

The ingredients to this cake may appear to be basic, but making all the flaky layers is troublesome and requires a great deal of both time and patience so you probably won’t find this cake easily in a bakery or restaurant. But if you want to try this scrumptious beauty, there are many detailed recipes available online to bake this delicious cake.

So, these were the different kinds of cake around the world. Apart from these do not forget to try the famous Indian photo cakes or can bake these different cakes at home. Happy eating!