One thing among the other important things while baking a cake is its look factor. How appealing or tempting to look in order to leave everyone asking for a piece more? Which is why every baker emphasises the need to deck up or decorate their cake with something even more amazing than their cake itself. Also, while you choose to order cake online from some online bakery and if there seems to be something wrong but you can’t figure out, then it is probably the decoration factor of the cake which is lacking.

The importance of decoration or presentation of the cake matters actually more than probably you or me thought it to. Over this blog, we are going to discuss some effortless yet amazing ways to decorate your pound of happiness with some cookies or biscuits to make it seem like an edible paradise. You can look for Bourbon, Oreos, Milano or some other fancy cream biscuits/cookies that are easily available at your nearest market. Without much ado, let’s get into discussing how to decorate cake with biscuits at home, just like a pro! You can thank me later! 🙂

1. Making A Rose With Oreo Cookies – Start by baking a regular cake of any flavour and keep it aside as we prepare some fondant like roses to top up your cake with the help of some Oreo cookies.

  • Start by getting a pack of Oreo cookies.
  • Open all the cookies and separate the cream from it. You can use a knife to scoop off all its cream fillings smoothly.
  • Then take all the black sides of the Oreos and roughly crush it with your hands.
  • Further, take a bowl, with the help of its button, crush the cookies finely into grains.
  • Add two tablespoons of milk into the finally crushed powdery mixture. 
  • Knead it in a cookie dough which is well combined.
  • Tear the dough into small bits in the size of Gems. 
  • Then with each of these bits of the cookie dough, roll it into a small circle like little chapattis.
  • Make sure each of these bits of dough forms more or less circles of the same radius. 
  • Then, place one such circle partially overlapping each other in a series of 6-7 circles in a row. 
  • Further, roll it from one end to the other. Cut it from the bottom half.
  • And your roses are ready to be placed on top of your cake.

Rose Decoration With Oreos

2. Poke It Into The Cake – The easiest way to decorate our cake with some cookies or biscuits is to place it symmetrically on the top of its creamy layer. For an amateur baker, it is like the simplest way out to figure out the answer to – how to decorate the cake with biscuits? The charm of the cookies or biscuits adds an additional appeal to your already so tempting cake which is what makes your cake drool-worthy. Furthermore, this method allows for a great deal of creativity; you can choose from a variety of biscuit shapes and sizes to create patterns, borders, or even intricate designs that reflect the occasion or your personal style. This approach to cake decoration is not just about adding an aesthetic touch; it’s about enhancing the cake’s flavor profile and making each bite a delightful surprise.

poke biscuits into the cake

3. Crush It To Give Your Cake A Crunchy Twist – Cakes are moist, rich, creamy and smooth in its texture and taste, but what if the crunchiness of the biscuits gets accompanied by a cake? Do you think it will complement each other? Or can it become the cause of a catastrophe? Well answering your question we would say the crunchiness when added to a regular cake makes everyone simply a fan of it. Trust us! It is not that un-quintessential idea because many biscuit cakes have been introduced for this very factor and people have loved to relish it. So, you can bring some of your favourite biscuits or cookies, crunch it into a finely grainy mixture and deck up your cake layer with it. You can fill in between the cake layers as well as just on the top layer to add a crunchy yet a scrumptious appeal. Additionally, you can cover the sides of the cake with grinded biscuit tidbits.
Crush Biscuits to Give Your Cake a Crunchy Taste

So, these were some of the easiest as well as some of the kickass ways to decorate your cake with biscuits/ cookies to make it seem like a show-stopping cake. These approaches not only cater to the aesthetic appeal of your dessert but also introduce an intriguing textural contrast that enhances the overall sensory experience. Whether you’re a novice baker looking for simple yet effective decorating ideas or an experienced pastry chef seeking to add a rustic charm to your creations, using biscuits as decoration offers endless possibilities.
So, the next time you find yourself pondering over cake decoration ideas, remember that sometimes, the most delightful surprises come in the form of biscuits artfully arranged on a cake, promising not just a feast for the eyes but an adventure for the taste buds as well.