“Dream as if you’ll live forever, eat Cupcakes as if you’ll die today.” 

As far as you can remember your childhood days, one significant memory would surely include you taking your first tinie-tiny step in baking. A blur memory of you along with your mom/ Grandma baking a cupcake would surely flash. Wherein you were working a little less on the baking, rather gulping more of the tempting frosting. Those were the days we lived for. 

Back then even the major task of baking was usually taken over by your mom/ grandma and you were probably given the task of decorating your cupcakes with frosting. If you were still a 4-5-year-old child, we could have appreciated your cupcake design ideas, but you aren’t. Right? Hence, get ready to give wings to your creativity and channel out your inner artist as we share some trending cupcake decorating ideas that might come handy in your next baking expedition. You never know! While some are perfect to be classified as cupcake decorating ideas for kids, while some others are perfect to pamper a mommy-to-be as they come under fancy baby shower cupcake ideas. So, without wasting any further minute, let’s discuss some of the finest cupcake decorating ideas.

  1. Candy/ Chocolate Bar Decoration – Topping up with something that is already loved by everyone makes your cupcake taste even better. It’s simple! It’s delicious! – Just the way you wanted your cupcakes to turn out. Isn’t it? You can make use of M&Ms, Jelly Beans, or pieces of larger chocolate bars like 5 stars or Kit Kats to create a dream frosting for your cupcakes, like a pro.
    Chocolate Bar decoration on cupcake
  2. Melted Chocolate Decoration – As the name quite explains, made by melting some chocolate bars (you can use dark chocolate even) this is an easy peasy cupcake decorating idea. All you have to do is pour some melted chocolate in a piping bag and Draw any design, fancy pattern or you can even write a word like “LOVE” on it by squeezing the piping bag. It is sure to help you win your loved one’s heart.
    Melted Chocolate cupcake decoration
  3. Fresh Fruit Decoration – Next time, you are relishing a delightful cupcake which has been decorated with fresh fruits, no one would be stopping you. Why? Simply, because it has got a nutritious punch added to it. No doubt, it looks amazing but trust us, tastes even better. You can slice up some strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, mango and other such fruits of your choice to decorate it into a cupcake design cake even.
    Fresh Fruit decoration on cupcake
  4. Ganache Decoration – Don’t the tough name get you! A ganache is a whipped filling of chocolate and cream which is widely used across various confectionery items. As it has chocolate and cream, what could be more perfect than to top up your cupcakes with if not this? To prepare a ganache at home, all you have to do is bring milk to simmer then pour some chocolate chips when at room temperature. You can additionally add mint extracts to make a mint chocolate ganache for your cupcake.
    Ganache decoration on cupcakes
  5. Crystallised Sugar Decoration – To make this easy yet fantastic decoration, you need to firstly caramelise the sugar until it turns a light golden colour. Remove it from the heat and then start making light strands of caramelised sugar quite like the cotton candy. To do so, place 2 spatulas at a certain distance and then pour a little bit of hot sugar syrup over them in a way that it forms threads or cobwebs. Let it settle for a bit, then pull the strands together and place it on top of your cupcakes. Tadaaa!! Your cupcakes have been decorated within a fraction of a second.
    Cupcakes Decorated by Crystallised Sugar
  6. Cookie Decoration – Topping your cupcakes with your favourite cookie always seems like a great idea. So, you can get your Oreo or mint chocolate chip cookies from your nearest supermarket and this can become your go-to cupcake decoration. No kidding!
    Cookie decoration on cupcakes
  7. Chocolate Shavings Decoration – If you thought of baking cupcakes at home, but then you forgot to get enough chocolate bars to lay on top of it, then here’s a simple yet tasteful trick or decoration. Assemble those chocolate bars and use a grater to get your chocolate shavings. Once you are done baking cupcakes, top them up with those chocolate shavings. Done and dusted! *Pheww*
    Cupcakes Decorated by Chocolate Shavings
  8. Drizzle Decoration – We have got just two words to describe this decoration – simple yet sophisticated. Get a chocolate sauce or syrup and drizzle it on top of your cupcakes. The cupcakes are sure to get an additional taste as well as appeal. If you don’t have chocolate syrup/ sauce at home, then you can use your regular chocolate bars by simply melting them. If not, then you can simply drizzle chocolate or peanut butter or butterscotch chips. The choice is yours to choose from!
    Drizzle decoration on cupcake
  9. Flags And Tags Decoration – This kind of decoration is much popular across baby or bridal shower parties. You can absolutely go ahead and directly choose some taglines or captions that fit your cupcake and the event or can design something on your own. Then all you have to do is get it printed and stick it to a toothpick making it seem like a flag. And you’re done mastering this decoration.
    Flags And Tags decoration on cupcakes
  10.  Chocolate Bubble wrapped Decoration – Yummy yet drool-worthy because of its unmatched taste and appeal. For this type of decoration, you need a bubble wrap and a chocolate sauce/ syrup/ bowl full of melted chocolate. Firstly, you need to bring the chocolate sauce to simmer. Then let it cool for a few minutes. Lay it over bubble wrap on your kitchen slab and some of the melted chocolate over it. Leave it for some time to settle down. Once solidifies, remove the bubble wrap from the chocolate strip and top it up with it. Voila! Your cupcakes are ready to be served.
    Chocolate Bubble wrapped Decoration on Cupcake

So, these were some easy cupcake decorating ideas which require minimal efforts but looks quite amazing. Which one was your favourite? If you feel baking is not your forte, then you can order cupcake online from some reputed online bakery, which will provide you with fresh cupcakes topped up with some of the dreamy decorations.