No denying, we all desire a creamy, sweet and scrumptious cake. A blissful cake loaded with mouth-watering ingredients and heavenly toppings are simply irresistible. If you are trying your hands at a designer cake, you must know about the creative ways to decorate it with mesmerising frosting and toppings. If you are looking for a creative and simple cake design at home to embellish a fresh cake, here are creative tips to read. Cake decoration at home has never been so easy, just read this blog to find out the creative ways and tips to design a cake.

1. Gems And KitKat Decor

Gems And KitKat Decor

One of the most drool-worthy cake decorating ideas for all the chocolate lovers out there, it is a must-try. A fresh and spongy cake wrapped with the scrumptious icing ganache or buttercream. The circumference of that particular cake is adorned with delicious KitKat bars. You can align them vertically and make it look like a yummy chocolate wall. After that, you can sprinkle a good layer of vibrant gems in the middle to fill up the top surface. So, this is how you decorate a cake in the easiest yet scrumptious way.

2. Sparklers


If you are trying your hands at cake decoration for the very first time, you may not find it a very easy task. You might not be desiring to spend a lot of time with the frosting part. To get your cake decorated in a simple yet mesmerising way, just go for some sparklers. This will indeed catch everyone’s attention and make your cake look absolutely stunning. However, sparklers are totally an understated idea when it comes to adorable cake decorations.

3. Crunchy nuts

Crunchy nuts

Have some Nutri-loaded cake decor and make your cake experience a satisfying one. When you blend toasted nuts with a freshly baked scrumptious cake, all you get is a mouthwatering and irresistible sweet treat. This is one of the most loved cake decors that is adorned by a lot of people. Just sprinkle some diced walnuts, almonds or any other crunchy nut to make your cake look impressive and taste heavenly.

4. Fresh and juicy fruits

Fresh and juicy fruits

In case you are searching for something refreshing and juicy that can make your cake look marvellous, fresh and flavoursome, fruits are the best choice. You can pick any exotic fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, raisins, kiwis and much more. You can make it a perfect designer cake by using berries and cherries to embellish the creamy cake. However, using seasonal exotic fruits is a pro tip to make your cake the utmost fresh and flavoursome. It is one of the easiest house cake designs. It only requires a few minutes to make it a wonderful cake experience.

5. Edible flowers

Edible flowers

Vibrant flowers can instantly brighten up anyone’s day, no denial. When the most exquisite elements like flowers and cake come together, the combination becomes pure ecstasy. You can easily garnish your creamy cake with edible rose petals and give it a perfect floral cake look. So, do try your hands at this creative and easy way to embellish a cake at home.

So, here were the most drool-worthy and creative ideas for decorating a cake at home. You can overwhelm your loved ones as you show them your cake decorating skills. However, if you wish to startle your special one, you can place an order for online birthday cakes at any time.