“Good Principal makes Good School.” If you feel your school days were the best of your life, then your principal is entitled to all the praises and honours. Besides, Teacher’s Day, birthday is one more day where you can celebrate him/her.

And what’s better than a cake to celebrate the birthday? To help you decide the perfect birthday cake for principal mam and sir; we are sharing with you five designs. You can easily avail yourself of an online birthday cake delivery of these cakes for your dearest Principal.

  1. Tuxedo Theme Cake: If the principal is a “Sir,” then a tuxedo-theme cake is a perfect choice. Designers cake seems to be everyone’s favourite because of the unignorable appeal, charm, and taste. 
  2. Poster Cake: Baking evolution has given rise to personalised cakes. One of the byproducts of personalisation is a poster cake. Buttercream cakes in varying shapes, like round, square, rectangular are frosted with an edible printed sugar sheet, known as a poster. You can get the poster customised with the name of your principal. 
  3. Photo Cake: Another personalised principal birthday cake choice, a photo cake. In a photo cake, instead of the poster; edible photographs are frosted on the cake. The cake could be buttercream or fondant one. You would be required to send HD photographs of your principal and the baked will turn into edible ones. 
  4. Fondant Teacher Cake: Cakes that are known to be the other synonym of edible beauty are generally fondant cakes. So, for her birthday, get a cake with fondant figurines of teacher, student, and books. As per your choice, you can get the fondant decorations customised. From the below picture, you can get ideas. 
  5. Buttercream Cakes: Whipped cream cakes are a forever birthday cake choice. If you know the favourite flavour of your principal, then in his or her flavour get a birthday cake for principal. Several flavours exist, like chocolate, red velvet, fruit, black forest, butterscotch, pineapple, vanilla, coffee, etc. so choosing one should not be a problem. 

Choose one of the cakes from the following ideas, and wish your principal, “Happy Birthday” like never before.