International women’s day is just around the corner and with it coming, there will be chaos of events in schools, colleges, the corporate sector, and such other places. There will be functions happening with dance, singing, and other activities with a focus on empowering women. And no event can come to an end without a strong best 2 minute speech for women’s day.

Here’s a Women’s Day Speech in English

As I stand before you all on an occasion so special and worthy of celebrations, I feel immense happiness that we, as a whole, are making progress and women are getting the kind of respect they deserve.

More than a decade from today, International women’s day wasn’t celebrated this much and on such big scales. But slowly and steadily, people are understanding the importance of observing and celebrating Women’s Day. Socialist Party of America organised the first Women’s Day on February 28, 1909, in New York City. With more points in the coming year, it changed to 8th of March.

#InspireInclusion is the theme for women’s day 2024, and it fits just like the missing part of a map to the treasure. This campaign aims to foster a world enriched by diversity and equality. By inspiring both awareness and a sense of belonging, we empower women, creating a unified, empowering environment for all. Today, women of all ages dare to challenge the odds and orthodox mindset of society. Women choose to challenge and that’s why we have female bus drivers in government jobs and in the supreme power of the many multinational corporations.

For a woman who comes from a rural background and handling management positions in business, there were definitely quite some pools of challenges that she has conquered with grace and dignity to make a name for herself and to lead a team.

It would be an injustice to mention that parents today are bolder and understating and they let their girls do what they want without any restrictions. It is surely a women’s day special speech but not mentioning the input of men feels not good to me.

Those brothers who understand that their sisters are free to do whatever they want and always stand in support of their decisions, deserve applause. The mindset of husbands has also changed and the unprogressive thinking that women should make home rather than earning to make the home is being demolished at a decent rate.

I may sound like I’m overdoing it but we all know that a woman blesses two families with her selfless love and knows how to keep the relationships intact.

Most of the international women’s day speeches focus on how working women are facing challenges and conquering them with their power and confidence. But, women who are homemakers deserve the same amount of appreciation. Working throughout their life without a stop and without any day off so that their families can live a life of comfort and ease; is a task that requires divine strength to bear, sacrifice, and give.

To end with some lovely words; all I can say is –

“Women are warriors fighting without swords and conquering through love.”

Wrap It Up Right

If you have been asked to give a motivational speech on women’s day, then take inspiration from what we’ve discussed above. As we move forward, let’s carry the spirit of International Women’s Day with us throughout the year. Let’s continue supporting, uplifting, and empowering women in every sphere of life. Let’s challenge stereotypes, fight bias, and broaden perceptions to create a more inclusive and gender-equal world.

We hope this space has ended your search for the best speeches on women’s day positively.

And, after the memorable event and such a generous short speech on women’s day, marking it ‘to be continued’ with a delicious women’s day cake is extremely heart-blooming.