Does the name ‘Luster Dust’ make it exciting for you?

Have you heard about luster dust before?

Do you know what it is and what is the use?

Don’t worry, dear reader! We will have it all sorted for you!

What is Luster Dust?

Luster dust is actually a type of powder which is used to decorate cakes and candies with glitter and sparkle. Widely used by bakers and confectioners, the powder doesn’t have any taste. Titanium dioxide, iron oxide, carmine, and mica are some of the common ingredients which are used to produce luster dust. While the luster dust is widely used and has become common for party cakes, you should also know that not all types of luster dust are edible.

How To Apply Luster Dust On Fondant?

It is so easy to apply lust dust on fondant. All you need is the paintbrush and some dexterity in your hands. If you want to attain a high consistency and a smooth look, you can try adding a few drops of alcohol-based liquid to the luster dust and use it as the painting colour. Majority of the luster dust is non-water soluble, so do not mix water to your luster dust.

Applying luster dust is just like painting a canvas. If you want more intense colour and stronger effects, you can paint multiple coasts of luster dust on fondant.

Different Varieties of Luster Dust

  • Highlighter Dust – provides a high-sheen and metallic finish.
  • Petal Dust – provides a matte finish and deep, strong colours.
  • Pearl Dust – provides a sparkling pearl-like finish.
  • Sparkle Dust – provide dense finish due to larger grains.
  • Disco Dust – provides a pop and fun finish.

It seems like that’s enough to get familiar with it. So, go on and decorate your cakes with luster dust. And if you only want to try the decorating first then order cake online and try decorating it.