The day celebrating the woman power is just around the corner. 8th March, International Women’s Day mark the strong uphold, kindness, ambition and dreams of a feminine soul. Women still are fighting for some basic rights as driving license and toilets around the world and this day celebrates their sacrifice and determination to make this world a better place to live in. Day in and day out they face numerous major and minor challenges in life. An ordinarily seeming body shaming impacts the mind and hurts the soul of a person and women face such situations every day and still comes out to be the better sex. Their role in our lives needs salutation and that is why 8th march should be celebrated for every woman out there. If you wish to surprise the woman in your life who has been there for you in the ups and downs, be it your friend, wife, mother, sister or anyone whom you adore to the moon and back, the try these super delicious desserts with a unique tweak that will make this day a memorable one for them.

  1. Victoria Sponge Cake

    Victoria Sponge Cake
    Named after legendary Queen Victoria, this one is a show stealer and a women pleaser. Queen herself, used to enjoy this cake with evening tea. The cake consists of two layers of vanilla sponge cake with whipped cream and raspberry jam in between the layers. The cake is decorated with powdered sugar on top to give it a touch of royalty. This is nothing like anything that you have surprised your lady love with. Sounds delicious? You can bet it is as tasteful as it looks.

  2. Tarte Tatin

    Tarte Tatin
    Made for the woman, by a woman! This dessert was accidentally made but it was such a flavoursome accident that this delicacy became famous instantly. Stephanie Tatin, one of the co-owner sisters of Hotel Tatin in France, made the dessert one day when she was super tired. She was meaning to make a traditional apple tart but left apples cooking in butter and sugar longer than needed. The apples burned to some extent and she decided to save the dish by putting some pastry on the top of apples and then put it in the oven. The result of that rescue operation was a delectable upside down pastry.

  3. Peach Melba

    Peach Melba
    Easy to make and scrumptious to taste, this International Women’s Day dessert will surely steal her heart right away. Made of just peaches, raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream, it was prepared in the honour of Nellie Melba, one of the most honoured soprano singers of the Victorian age. The juicy and fresh peaches along with flavoursome vanilla ice cream create a heavenly bite into the mouth.

  4. Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake

    Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake
    Cheese and gulab jamun, two things on which all the Indian women can agree in unison and imagine these two loved flavours coming together to form something that is nothing less than magic in the mouth, yes! We are talking about Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake, which you could serve to your favourite woman this 8Th March and become her favourite person on the earth in no time. Cheesecakes are quite a trend these days, and you can ride on this delicious trend with a fusion of a Desi Indian sweet, Gulab Jamun, to delight your lady.

  5. Apple Jalebi

    Apple Jalebi
    Forget the traditional jalebi and get over that apple pie. Its time to try something unique which is a perfect amalgamation of these two crowd-pleasers. A fruity makeover that will relish your taste buds with the same juicy drip of jalebi every time. Apple Jalebi sounds really unique, and we promise it is unique. Get through a recipe over a blog or video and try to cook it perfectly.

  6. Jar Cakes

    Jar Cakes
    Just when you thought that cakes couldn’t get cute enough! The cake jars are the new trendy cousin of age-old dessert that has been stealing our hearts ever since. Presented in a mason jar, this proves that the best things in life come in small packages. Jar cakes are surely among the best Women’s Day desserts because they are just a replica of cakes, are easy to handle, and can be carried away anywhere.

  7. Crème Brulee

    Creme brulee
    This one will take her to the edge of flavours, the one she will never forget. Holding a bit of crispy caramel which is burnt just enough to bring slight bitterness in the flavour and filled with the aromatic flavour of vanilla custard, this one will make a direct way to her heart in no time. Best made with pure cream, it is one of the richest custard recipes of the world. The best women in your life deserve something that’s one of the best in the world.

  8. Gateau Fondant Au Chocolate

    Gateau Fondant Au Chocolate
    Literally translating to “melting chocolate cake” and more popularly known as ‘chocolate lava cake’, this one is a popular one among women around the world. Originating in France, this delicacy needs attention because a little undone could result in a cake batter and a little overdone will result in a brownie. A little bit of attention will result in a cheery smile full of love on your lady’s face.

  9. Pavlova

    Named after Anna Pavlova, the famous Russian ballerina, this dessert has been the topic of debate between New Zealand and Australia since ever as both countries claim to be the origin point of this dessert, however, what everyone agrees on is the crunchy and creamy flavour of this dreamy dish. Adorned with fresh and fluffy whipped cream and tart fruits, this one is a world class dessert to serve.

Pick one or pick all but don’t forget to make your women special in any way you can. You may not accept it but women have always been the focal point of your life, in whatever relationship they may have with you. This year, show them how much your respect and adore them for all the wonderful qualities they bear in their hearts.

Make their hearts flutter over your sweet gestures of Women’s Day cake and dessert. You can choose to order from the best bakery in your area or a top-rated online bakery. If you have some time and want to put some extra effort into your gesture, you can try to cook or bake with the help of a quick and easy recipe.