You have a crush on your best friend and you want to tell him/her how much you care about them. You aren’t sure if it is appropriate to send a love letter. Surprise your crush instead with a gesture that will surely be a memorable one. Awaken the cupid within with a Valentine’s Day gift that no one else will be giving. Make your crush swoon this valentine week with a sweet gesture that’s sure to impress. Here are 7 ideas to surprise your crush when you take them on a valentine’s day date:

Personalized Chocolates

personalized chocolates

Make your crush go head over heels! There’s no better way to show them how you feel than with personalized chocolates. Love is in the air. And if you’re crushing on someone, Say it as you mean it with our valentine’s day personalized chocolates for your crush!



Plants make a great gift. They come in that perfect “I just don’t know what to do with myself, I might kill and cook you” size. And they are resilient little creatures that take care of themselves, so it’s not like your gonna have to water them every day (although….you should). So give your crush the gift of life. So give your crush the gift of life and show them that you’ve put thought into a gift that thrives and grows, just like your feelings for them. It’s a unique and charming way to express your emotions without uttering a single word in that valentine’s day ideas for crush.

Personalized Cup Cakes

personalized cupcakes

What can be better than a cute valentines day cake, cupcake to be precise! Do you have a secret crush that you can’t tell anyone about? Send them a Custom Love Cup Cake for Valentine’s Day! Choose their favorite flavor cupcake, and then write your personal message on the cupcakes. You can even add special decorations to the cupcakes to make them extra special. Nothing says “I love you” as a unique love-themed cake delivered right to your crush’s door.

Greeting Card

greetings card for vaentines

For Valentine’s Day, show your true colors this year when you send your crush a heartfelt greeting card. Let your crush know that you think they’re cute with a cute little note on a heart-shaped card. Cards are so good when it comes to expressing things. You can say lots of wordings through cards. So, send your crush a card to let them know you care.

Personalized Jar Cakes

personalized jar cakes

A personalized jar cake is the perfect valentines day cake. Personalized Jar Cakes are specially made desserts, which contain messages to your crush/love. These cakes can be designed with something witty/romantic and sealed in a jar as a surprise item, which is meant to be gifted.

Personalized Mugs

personalized mugs

Looking for the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day to give to your crush? How about a cute, personalized mug that shows them how you feel? Surprise your crush this valentine’s day with a personalized mug for their favorite hot beverage. Just take one of the funny mugs and add your own personalization, making sure to fill out the gift message before you checkout!

Personalized Key Chains

personalized keychains

A Personalized gift for your loved one … show how much you care with this romantic gift! Make their day memorable. If you want to impress your crush this Valentine’s Day, this is a perfect choice. Personalize your valentine’s day by sending your crush a custom keychain! Choose what you would like to write inside: “be mine”, “wow, you’re cool” or any custom text. Nobody wants to get another sticky note or random string of letters and numbers. Go ahead, show them you care!

This Valentine’s Day, show your sweetheart how much you care with this collection of unique gift ideas. Whether it is an amazing gift in a beautiful package or an unexpected light display, you are guaranteed to put a smile on their face. So, Here were 7 ideas to surprise your crush this Valentine. This Valentine’s Day, do something a little unexpected. From sitting on the roof and stargazing to having a picnic in the park or cooking something special for them, it is the unpredictable that can have the biggest effect on a relationship. Don’t know where to start? Try one of these ideas above!