Just six months ago, you welcomed your bundle of joy into this world, and now in a blink, your child is half a year old. The surreal feeling of seeing your child crawl, trying to say Mumma-papa, and soon going to be one year old is unexplainable. But, birthdays are fun and merrier, so why not celebrate your child’s half birthday as well. Sharing with you some half birthday celebration ideas for your child’s next birthday. 

  1. Wake Up Your Child With a Song: On your child’s half birthday, wake him or her up by singing the birthday song. Gather around him/her cot and start singing the song, and when your child is up, hold him/her in arms, give hugs and kisses. A night before, decorate the cot with balloons and streamers.
    Wake Up Your Child With a Song
  2. Decorate the House: The birthday party would absolutely be incomplete without the decorations. Your child may not be old enough to notice and admire the decorations, but it’s crucial for the vibe and Instagrammable worthy clicks. Decorate with “Happy Birthday Bunting, Helium and confetti balloons, Craft Paper decorations. For more inspiration, browse half-year birthday celebration ideas, and you would come across some creative ideas for sure.
  3. Arrange For A Photo Booth: You surely don’t want to miss any of the special moments of your child, especially when you are hosting a half birthday party. During the party, arrange for a photo booth complete with props like funky glasses, birthday caps, signage board, quotes. Then, plan your child’s entry in style with him or her sitting in a basket or a car with a quote that reads “Halfway to One.”
    Photo Booth
  4. Serve Everything Half: It is your child’s half birthday, everything has to be according to the theme. In your food menu, firstly have kid’s friendly dishes such as burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, chips, fried, juice. Serve all the dishes in half. Cut the burgers half, slice the pizza half, have juice bottles/glasses filled half. Even your cutlery can be half–the plates and napkins.
    Serve Everything Half

  5. Order Half Pound of Happiness: Birthdays and cakes go hand-in-hand. For half year birthday celebration ideas, order a half birthday cake. If it’s a boy’s birthday, go with a half-themed birthday cake dressed in whipped cream with blue rosette on one side and waves on the other side. If it’s for a girl, a pretty white-pink cake with colourful sprinkles will sparkle up her eyes.
    Half Birthday Cake for Celebration

  6. Return Favours: The little munchkins who attended the party deserves a big shout out. Extend your thanks and gratitude in the form of return favours. You can gift candies and chocolates, goodie bags, soft toys as return gifts. Get these packed beautifully and get each of them adorned with “Thank You for Having Good Time.”
    Return Gifts on Half Birthday Celebration 

These half birthday party ideas are for fun-filled and merrier birthday celebrations of your child.