Every year, new cake trends take the baking industry by the storm. Bakers come up with innovative cake decorating ideas, thus leaving everyone in awe. Here are all the 2021 easy cake decorating trends for you to practice and master. 

Bold and bright colours: The Pantone colour of the year 2021 is grey and illuminating yellow. So, you experiment with these two colours to decorate your own cake. Other than this, Pantone talks of vibrant colours, creating a contrast of bold aqua, yellow with soft hues of pink and lavender. You can make rainbow pipes and swirls or colourful designs using cookie cutters and stencils. 

Dried Flowers: The year 2020 has been about fresh flowers and green succulents. The year 2021 takes a turn towards the addition of dried flowers and leaves. The dried flowers are predominantly made of Eucalyptus, pampas grass, palm leaves amongst others. A simple arrangement of these on a plain white cake is much desirable. 

Buttercream Painting: A highly Instagrammable cake trend is buttercream paint. It was popular in the year 2020, but it’s huge in 2021. A palette knife is used to make buttercream paintings of a variety of styles, ranging from flowers to marble effect to others. 

Leopard Print: You must have seen leopard print on a variety of objects you use daily. Now, it has come to the cake world. Leopard prints are greatly incorporated into the frosting, fondants, toppers, and other details. Leopard print would look appealing in chocolate cake decoration.

Jelly Cake: Jelly is the favourite candy of kids. A jelly cake will be relished to the bits and pieces by the little ones in the house. Jelly is used to create underwater, ocean or aquariums inspired designs. 

Pull me up Cake: This cake trend is the current sensation everywhere. You can experiment with this cake decorating trend with any type of cake such as barbie doll cake, layered cake, lava cake. Bake and decorate your cake with whipped cream as you like. Prepare a ganache or any liquid syrup you want on your cake. Pour the prepared syrup or ganache, and pull up the mould or the casing. 

You can try these cake decorating trends at home or order cake online of any of these designs.