There’s hardly anything as delicious to complement a celebration as the cake. Be it a low key wedding or a grand wingding, a cake is always a part of it. Although, a usual 2 tier or 3 tier cake does enough to define the occasion, yet going a little out of the box and getting the cake designed uniquely would add an extra dose of love and laughter to the wedding.

In case you are looking for unique wedding cakes, we have some amazing wedding cake themes that are sure to have everyone swoon over not only its taste but also its exemplary looks.

Take the guide and plan the perfect theme for your wedding cake, accordingly.

  1. The Perfect Romance

Looking for something exceptionally romantic and heart warming? Go for fondant couples towered right over your cake. It is sure to set a new definition for a ‘perfect wedding’.

  1. Sealed Forever

Ladies, depict your power with this cake that makes it clear who would rule the marriage. With this fondant image of a wife having caught hold of her man trying to escape, we are sure you would say a lot without having to utter a single word.

  1. The Indian Touch

Now this is different. The couple in this theme have taken the whole ‘desi’ form. Attired in authentic Indian traditional wedding apparel, this is sure to catch everyone’s eyes. Besides, the tiers of the cake give the glimpse of colours of wedding grandeur and fun.

  1. Castle of Dreams

Every house turns into a castle, if built together with love. Let that love be reflected in your wedding cake when you plan to base the cake on the castle theme. The magnificent tower is nothing short of amazing to look at followed by the delicious taste.

  1. Say it in Words

When you plan to say it with a cake, we suggest you to add a short poem or quote and express your feelings in a better and more unique way. ‘And They Lived Happily Ever After’; ‘Together Is Our Favourite Place To Be’ are some of the most love-filled quotes to put on the cake.

  1. Eyelet Icing Cake

Eyelet lace designs are the perfect cakes for spring and summer weddings. Traditionally, eyelet icing cake is all white with fine broderie overlaying the basic icing. They would also look amazing in soft pink, peach and other pastel colours.

  1. Ruffle Cakes

Fanciful frills got a new way to show off their prettiness. The intricate design is dramatic, sweet and filled with enough loveliness to catch everyone’s eyeballs. Although, they are quite a recent innovation, yet they have been credited to win many hearts in a short span.

  1. The Naked Beauty

There’s a new wedding dessert trend- introducing the surprisingly wonderful naked cakes.  Naked cakes have forgone the traditional outer layer of butter-cream and the inside texture and colours of the cake are put to show.

  1. Painted Perfection

The hand painted fondant cakes are the result of some finest brush strokes. Have rosettes, or anything wonderful painted over the cake and add a unique element to your wedding cake.

  1. Pillow Comfort

We bet this is something you wouldn’t have seen in anyone’s wedding till date but the internet is flooded with a variety of creative pillow cake designs. The mushy cake is sure to create a serene sight during the wedding.

  1. Travel Inspiration

For the couple who is a travel buff, this theme is perfect to add a lot of fun to the wedding. If you want to get some inspiration to travel places together, this cake must be given a try.

  1. Wave Love

Sweet, elegant, unique, adorable is what defines a wave cake. With wavy butter-cream overlapping the plain frosting, this cake is different and can take any form you desire, that is from intricately gorgeous to simply beautiful look.

  1. Mehndi Style

This theme mirrors the intricate mehndi designs onto the cake. So the next time you like any such design, bookmark it because it would look lovely not only on your palms but on the wedding cake as well.

  1.    Floral Fantasy

Flowers become a part of any happy occasion. Such is their beauty and elegance. Bring the colours and grace onto the cake by going for a floral design. The flowers attached could be real or fondant-made.

  1. Bookworms’ Delight

Cake designed in the shape of a book, what could be more unique? Design the cake in the shape of the book for the single tier or multiple tiers for making the wedding a lot more memorable for your bookworm spouse.