“As we evolve, our houses must even too.”

Life seems a bit more colourful when birthdays come once a year. Not just our birthdays, but the birthdays of our dear ones warms our hearts to the core. We got to look forward to a scrumptious yet show-stopping birthday cake to tapping our feet to some party songs to even some of the kickass birthday decoration ideas. Isn’t it? There’s a whole list of never-ending things that one looks forward to on birthdays, other than the fleeting number of years. Talking about decoration for birthday, some like to have simple yet significant decor while some others like to have something hip and happening to let everyone know that it’s their birthday and they didn’t wish to leave any stones unturned. But if you take our words, then we would suggest you to DIY your birthday decoration at home – saving some pennies and styling up the entire party venues with your love and on point organising skills. If you are planning to surprise the birthday boy/ girl of the day with your birthday room decoration ideas, then don’t worry we have got you shortlisted top 15 ones amongst many that are sure to become the reason for their smile on their birthdays. 

  1. DIY Table Cloth – Select the design, pattern and the length of the table cloth you wish to prepare, covering all the sides of the table. Get your hands on some birthday party-like applique press on motifs and take a fancy piece of some cloth of the measurement that fits your table fully. Then place it on your table with food and drinks and avoid your table getting stubborn stains on it. 
  2. DIY Birthday Cake – Yes, we know birthday cake is meant to be eaten and not just seen as a decor item in general. But what if we say it contributes to the beauty of your birthday party, effortlessly – even quite more than any other stuff that contributes towards a simple birthday decoration at home? A birthday cake is called “show-stopping” for a reason and the reason being that with or without our knowing it contributes to the decor of the party venue. So you can go ahead and pick a stunning cake recipe online and can bake it for yourself to make the birthday boy/girl happy.
  3. DIY Paper Lanterns -All things bright and beautiful…will be loved by the birthday boy/girl and so, the idea of making paper lanterns comes to our mind. Vibrant, bright colours of the paper, when accompanied by your creativity, is sure to help you win big time the love of the guest of honour. You can find the tutorial to make these bright coloured paper lanterns online to add charm to the birthday party venue.
  4. DIY Happy Birthday Banner – Though everyone knows they are here to attend the birthday party of someone known but a happy birthday banner is indeed a charming birthday decor piece. Cut Out the alphabets of H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y and N-A-M-E of the birthday boy/girl in some attractive font and paste it on a bright background. Then hang the alphabets with the help of a string or thin rope/thread to hold the banner together. 
  5. DIY Tassel Streamer – Regular streamers are something quintessential which is why tassel streamers seem to be our go-to suggestion. Make tassels with paper or cloth cutouts and hand it freely in a rope suspending it. It will make an excellent decor item for the birthday party as you choose to hang it around your dresser or wardrobe.
  6. DIY Confetti – Why spend a few bucks on party poppers when you can make it easily on your own? Simply take a big colourful, probably a happy birthday written balloon and fill it with some colourful bits and pieces of different kinds of glazy or bright coloured paper. When the birthday boy/girl is about the cut the cake, make sure to prick the balloon with something pointy and get ready to feel the confetti-like magic.
  7. DIY Icecream Stick Table Runner – One thing about throwing a party indoors is then owning up to the mess everyone created, once they leave. So to avoid that situation, you can make an icecream stick table runner by giving wings to creativity. You can affix icecream sticks together and then splash paint it easily with some acrylic paints.
  8. DIY Vase Replacement – People have vases at a place some beautiful flowers in it, but when throwing a party indoors it concerns us the most – as in where to shift these beautiful expensive vases and the flowers in it. So what you can do is you can paint some old glass bottles, mason jars and mugs and can display the same at your party venue. Once the party is over, you can replace these freshly painted vases with your old ones. So, problem? No problem at all! 
  9. DIY birthday caps – It’s fun to wear or play around with the birthday caps and trust us when we say this – it is even easier to DIY it on our own. You can look for some glazy, hard paper so that you can roll it to give a conical shape to turn it into a funky birthday cap easily. 
  10. DIY Disco Ball Pinata – There will some good party songs, so there needs to be a proper dancefloor like setup indoors to encourage everyone to dance to their heart’s delight. Hence, a disco ball pinata will be something that will be grabbing the attention of all the party people and you can easily make it with a balloon, some newspapers, plastic cup full of rocks, wallpaper paste, silver paint and some large sequins or paillettes. 
  11. DIY Flower Balls – Real flowers are pretty expensive which is why filling the party venue with some colourful paper flower balls seems like the right idea. They are pretty and pretty inexpensive to doll up the venue with. And one just needs 1 pack of tissue papers, paper scissors and floral wire + floral scissors to make these. 
  12.  DIY Photo Booth Placards – People love to take pictures as they party hence the idea of making some cool funky photo booth placards will be a crowd charmer for sure. You can have some dialogues written in some funky font or other party props like spectacles, beer mugs, etc. made in caricature style. 
  13. DIY Ribbon Chandelier – Ribbon chandeliers can make an excellent addition to your birthday party decor that can be easily DIY-ed. You can hang some fancy ribbons, tassels and other stripes of colourful pieces of clothes and suspend it with some threads to make it seem like a chandelier. 
  14. DIY Shimmery Balloons – Why fall for glossy foil balloons when you can make shimmery balloons at your home without spending an extra penny even? Take regular balloons and glue it up to the surface you wish to make it seem all shimmery and stunning. Get affix some glitter over the surface of the glue, let it dry and your shimmery balloons are ready to be hanged for the birthday party.
  15. DIY Candle – Blowing off the candles on to[p of the cake has been a major highlight of every birthday party. So, you can get regular candles and can deck up with some glittery, stones and other such fancy embellishments. 

So, this was all about 15 amazing yet simple DIY birthday decoration ideas. Make sure to give them all a try at some upcoming birthday party.