In the Baking world, “It’s simple. Great Ingredients make great desserts.” Period. Like for baking a cake, the magic ingredients of flour, baking powder, milk, and sugar makes the cake taste finger-licking good. 

But, a good baker is always looking for new ingredients, rather unusual baking ingredients because regular is boring. 

When it’s about desserts, vanilla, is just so vanilla; therefore sweet potatoes,  sauerkraut, corn, avocados for baking magic! 

Give your desserts a flavour boost with these unusual baking ingredients.

  1. Corn: Crispy sweet corn is a staple ingredient of many dishes. No, it has crossed dinner tables and has found a permanent seat at the dessert table. Bake puddings and dessert with corn as an ingredient for a savoury experience.corn pudding
  2. Avocados: The favourites of the millions, especially the one who likes to keep a watch on their waistlines. Substitute the fatty baking ingredients like butter or oil with nutritious and mildly flavoured avocados in cake, puddings, and muffins.avocado chocolate cake
  3. Mayonnaise: Heading to the kitchen to bake a chocolate cake? But, running out of basic ingredients? If you have a jar of mayonnaise in your refrigerator; you are good to go. Yes, mayonnaise for a dense, moist, and a sweet cake. The high-fat content and a tang-sweetness of mayonnaise ensure a chocolate cake that is anything but ordinary!mayonnaise cake
  4. Cornflakes: Cornflakes are making their way into the dessert world. They remain crunchy when baked; just the way dessert lovers like. Add a layer of cornflakes to your ice-cream cake for texture and much-need crunch.
    cornflakes ice cream cake
  5. Sweet Potatoes: I like pancakes, I like brownies, I love sweet potatoes. The starchy substance found in sweet potatoes act as a natural thickening agent; hence perfect for baking pancakes, brownies that are soft and flavourful to eat. Bonus point: it is high in fibre, potassium, and Vitamin C.sweet potato - an unexpected ingredient to bake sweet potato pancakes
  6. Dandelion Petals: Everything from the flower to the roots of Dandelion is edible. And Dandelions are tasty! Wash and dry a handful of dandelions and bake it into a cupcake or a cookie tasting sweet and subtle, perfect for the ones who like their desserts less sugary.dandelion cupcakes
  7. Jalapenos: Sweet+ Spicy = Divine! The piquant Jalapenos go hand in hand well with fruits, berries, and chocolates. So, add jalapenos to your chocolate cake or fruit muffins for a delicious twist.jalapenos - an unusual cake ingredient to bake muffins
  8. Coca-Cola: Coca Cola or Pepsi with anything, even in baked goods, taste good! The unique flavour of these cold beverages lends to cake or marshmallows topped with frosting, a taste that is hard to find.Coca Cola - an unusual cake ingredient to make coca cola cake
  9. Wine: “ I bake with wine. Sometimes I even add to the desserts.” Wine is used in baking cakes, pies, and ice-creams because of its palate. You can also substitute your liquid ingredients with white pie
  10. Tofu: The secret ingredient of a rich, fudgy, creamy pie? Shhh… Tofu! Till you tell, no one will come to know. Tofu baked goods are high in everything but low in fat and calories, thus ensuring that the relisher would leave the plate clean.tofu cake
  11. Zucchini: Zucchini in salads is popular. Zucchini in baked loaves of bread and cookies is the new popular. This versatile veggie adds moisture making your baked goods dense.
     zucchini bread
  12. Tomato Soup: When your heart screams for a bowl of tomato soup, but your taste buds crave for a cake; you bake a tomato soup spice cake. Tomato soup for oil; thus decreasing the fat, boosting the colour, and enhancing the flavour.tomato soup cake

These were some of the unusual baking ingredients that are sure to layer your desserts with flavours that are unique yet tasty; thus making the dessert lovers line up for the second serving. 

Why regular when you can have the unusual?