It’s summers, meaning the days of relishing juicy and fruity fruits. From pulpy mangoes to squirty kiwis, fruits make summers all the more sweet and enjoyable. However, sometimes fruits are not best enjoyed the way they should be. Why? The acidic in taste mangoes, the apples that taste bland, the parched oranges are a few examples. But do not worry! 

Here we are with fruit hacks that work. These are tried and tested fruit hacks! 

  1. Grapefruit Sweetener: If your sour to semi-sweet in taste grapefruit is highly acidic that makes you pucker–wrinkle your face, squint your eyes, press your lips, then add a pinch of salt to it. The salt will lessen the acidic quality of the grapefruit; thus bringing out its natural sweetness.Grapefruit
  2. Mould-Free Melons: Melons have the innate ability to mould (hard and dry) exterior when they ripen. To keep them mould-free, rub on the peel a teaspoonful of vinegar.Melon
  3. Fresh-Red Apples: If a sliced apple is left open, it turns brown in colour. Why? The tissues are exposed to the oxygen, and the discolouration is the result of the reaction. Keep the apple fresh and red all day with a rubber band. While slicing, hold the apple together and secure it with a rubber band. The cut edges will not be exposed to the oxygen until your child takes the rubber band off.Apple
  4. Mango Sweetener: This mango hack is for sweetening the fleshy, pulpy, and juicy mangoes. Mangoes taste best when they are sweet! If the mango is tart in taste, place it in warm water for not more than 10 minutes. The starches of the mango will be sugary in no time. Do not forget to take it out after 10 minutes; a few more extra minutes will make your beloved mangoes to shrivel.Mango
  5. Ripening Avocado: Want to ripen your Avocado a bit more? Place the unripe Avocado in a brown bag, and you will get a sweeter Avocado to taste. Brown bag gives off ethylene gas that is not dissipated but gets trapped when you place Avocado in the bag causing it to ripen fast. Similarly, you can ripen any unripe fruit using the brown bag fruit hack. Alternatively, you can use ripe apples or bananas– rich in ethylene for ripening the fruits.Avocado
  6. The Upside-Down Effect: Did you know that pineapples have natural sugars settled at the bottom? That’s the reason your mom used to slice the leaves and store the pineapple upside-down an hour before serving. That way, sugars get evenly distributed throughout the pineapple, and you get to savour sweet, juicy pineapple.Pineapple 
  7. Peel A Kiwi: The last thing any kiwi lover would wish to see is the yummy part of the kiwi hanging on the skin. Moreover, the scrapping efforts go in vain because it never works. Next time try this kiwi hack for peeling your favourite fruit. Cut the fruit into two halves, stick the hand mixer attachment in the centre of the kiwi, twist and pull.Kiwi
  8. Strip Off Peaches and Apricots: Peaches and apricots can be hard to peel. Mostly, the skin remains attached to the fruit. The next time you wish to eat peaches or apricots, try this. Make a cross at the base of the fruit and put it in boiling water for 40 seconds. Then take and dip the fruit in a bowl of ice water. Skin will come off immediately, peel it easily.Peaces and Apricots
  9. Watermelon Sorbet: Watermelon hack says not to cut it, instead sorbet it. Cut the watermelon into two halves, take an ice-cream scoop and scoop it out. Serve the fruit like an ice-cream sorbet.Watermelon
  10.  Pitting Avocado: To remove the avocado pit easily and quickly, thrust the blade of a sharp knife into the pit, twist, and it will pop out.Avocado
  11.  Drain Coconut Water: That hard outside-soft inside coconut can be a hassle to break.  The coconut has three eyes on the surface, pierce the holes with a screwdriver, and drain out the water.Coconut
  12.  DragonFruit Cutting: Do not peel, just cut. Cut the top off, then cut it into two halves (vertical cut). Now, take off the outer layer (red skin), and chop the fruit. You can use the skin as a serving dish for the dragon fruit.Dragon Fruit 

    Give these a try!