All around the world, lover’s delight when valentine’s day is just around the corner. Love, passion and romance touch new heights as the day of love arrive. People all around the world gear up as the season of love approaches. While most people would only know of Valentine’s day, in specific. But, did you know that it is not just celebrated a day? Rather it is a week-long beautiful celebration of marking togetherness amongst a couple in the truest sense. People curate their own valentine week list for each day, starting from pampering each other with teddies, chocolates to finally baking or ordering Valentine’s cake on February 14, every year. For all those who are quite tempted with the idea of celebrating a week dedicated to love and passion, here’s what all days are celebrated under valentine week list 2024.

  1. Rose Day (Feb 7) – The first Valentine’s day that is celebrated under this special list of valentine week 2024 is that of rose day. On this day, rose as a beautiful token of love is passed on to one another. As we know, roses of each colour symbolise some beautiful set of feelings, so one can figure those meanings and pass it on to their lovers. For e.g – a red rose stands for romance, whereas a white one stands for new beginnings.happy rose day
  2. Propose Day (Feb 8) – As the name quite makes it explicit, on this day lover’s propose their love for each other and want to be in this relationship till eternity. Often, it is seen that people propose to their partners to take a step closer to having a “happily ever after”.happy propose day
  3. Chocolate Day (Feb 9) – Mother of all good things is undoubtedly chocolate. And probably this is the reason why people are eagerly waiting for something like this day, falling on valentines week 2020. On this day, couples treat each other with chocolate to make some sweet memories together. happy chocolate day
  4. Teddy Day (Feb 10) – We know that your real-life cute, cuddly partner is probably way better than a soft toy. But this sweet gesture of gifting a teddy bear is sure to melt a lover’s heart into tears. happy teddy day
  5. Promise Day (Feb 11) – When we are in love and have given our heart to someone who matters to us, the most, it’s all about rebooting the vows one has taken in love. On this day, lovers promise each other to be in love till their last breaths till the death do them apart. It shows that lovers are so devoted to being a constant source of love and support for each other. happy promise day
  6. Hug Day (Feb 12) – One of the simplest ways of showing that you love and care for a person is by hugging them. And, so on the sixth day of Valentine’s week hug day is celebrated to strengthen the bond between every couple. It shows the two lovers are much in love and embrace each other’s presence on this special day. happy hug day
  7. Kiss Day (Feb 13) – Kissing is a romantic gesture which expresses the feelings of love and romance in the best possible way. So, to mark this day falling in Valentine’s week, couples pass kisses to each other as a gift of their endless love. happy kiss day
  8. Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) – Now, the D-day of the week-long celebration of love and romance comes to an end as we celebrate Valentine’ day. On this day, couples usually spend some quality time together, showering each other with gifts, proving their love for each other through lovely gestures and have a day filled with love, passion and joy. happy valentine's day

Now you are aware of all the days, so celebrate all these love days with love of your life by surprising them with your sweet and romantic gestures like treating them with deliciously baked fresh cakes and other desserts. 

Have A Happy Valentine’s Day, You All! 🙂