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If you're looking to dive into a pool of sugarliciousness, Bakingo's jar cakes are the ones that fit best. Brimming with flavors like red velvet, blueberry, oreo, choco chip, each jar is sure to delight and dazzle your taste buds with its every bite. 

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2 Oreo Cookie Cakes in Jars
Rs. 249
2 Oreo Jar Cakes
Every bite of this crunchy and creamy Oreo jar cake is what you cannot stop gorging on.
2 Blueberry Mini Cakes in Mason Jars
Rs. 249
2 Blueberry Jar cakes
Taste the best of the Blueberry flavor infused in a scrumptious Blueberry Jar cake.
Combo of Fruit Cake in Glass Jars
Rs. 249
2 Fruit Jar Cakes
A luscious, creamy and juicy jar cake prepared with the inviting crunchy fresh fruits.
Combo of Red-Velvet & Oreo Chocolate Cake in Jar
Rs. 249
Red-Velvet & Oreo Chocolate Jar Cake Combo
Are you looking for a unique cake option? This Jar cake combo is just the right one for you.
Strawberry And Oreo Chocolate Jar Cake Combo
Rs. 249
Strawberry & Oreo Chocolate Jar Cake Combo
Looking for the most delectable sugary cake treat? This cake combo is just a perfect option for you.
Combo of Choco Chips And Fruit Jar Cake For Kids
Rs. 249
Choco-Chips & Fruit Jar Cake Combo
Choco chips filled chocolate cake with an aroma of fresh fruits is a perfect delight for any dessert lover.
Rs. 249
Chocolate Mousse &Blueberry Jar Cake Combo
When a Chocolate Mousse Jar cake gets paired up with luscious Blueberry, it makes the heaven for dessert lovers
Rs. 249
2 Chocolate Chip Jar Cakes
A mushy, moist and crunchy Chocolate Chip Jar Cake which will take you to a trip to paradise
Chocochips And Oreo Cake in Mason Jar For Husband Wife
Rs. 249
Chocochips & Oreo Jar Cake Combo
Want to dive into the pool of chocolates? If yes, this Jar cake combination is best choice for you to go for.
Banoffee Cake in Jar
Rs. 249
Banoffee Jar Cake
Here is an utterly delicious jar cake infused with moist, tender bananas and enriched with whipped cream.
Combo of Strawberry Jar Cakes
Rs. 239
2 Strawberry Jar Cakes
A jar full of flavors of Strawberry that will create a gratifying sensation in your mouth.
Chocolate Mousse Jar Cakes Combo
Rs. 249
2 Chocolate Mousse Jar Cakes
A chocolate lover's fantasy has come alive in the form of this melt-in-the-mouth Chocolate mousse jar cake.
Strawberry & Red Velvet Jar Cake Combo
Rs. 249
Strawberry & Red Velvet Jar Cake Combo
This moist, tender combo of delicious strawberry and red velvet jar cake will definitely land you on cloud nine
2 Red Velvet Cakes in Mason Jars
Rs. 249
2 Red Velvet Jar Cakes
The irresistible and tantalizing flavors of a red velvet cake made more mouth-watering when brought in a jar.